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Health Coaching

Your Health Is Your Wealth

Health Coaches focus not only on the foods you eat but the lifestyle changes you want to achieve. We work with you to  support you with your health goals through lifestyle and behavioral adjustments. 


Proper nutrition for your body and lifestyle can reduce the risk of many diseases


Making positive changes in your daily habits lead to a lifestyle of wellness


Learn how to properly add exercise into your routines and enjoy it. 

Goal Setting

Short term and long term goals will help you be successful in your lifestyle changes. 

Your Body Is Special. Your needs are different than anyone else. 

What is Health Coach? 
A Health Coach provides mentorship and support while assisting clients in making healthy food and lifestyle changes to improve their overall wellness.  The benefits of working with a Health Coach include learning how to make long lasting behavioral changes, understanding how to make good nutritional decisions, consistent support and encouragement through introducing and maintaining exercise routines, and setting healthy short and long term goals for weight loss/gain goals. 


Who do Health Coaches work with? 

Health Coaches are educated in working with a wide variety of nutritional and wellness needs.  Many times our clients are seeking to loose weight and learn how to make good nutritional decisions.  However, Health Coaches are available to assist clients who struggle with overall wellness due to high stress, busy schedules, digestive issues, hormonal changes, and with those who have struggled time and time again with sticking to a lifestyle change and exercise routines.   Health Coaches are a great asset as part of a team of professionals who can assist clients in reaching long term goals that will provide life long changes in behavior leading to healthier lifestyles. 

Studies show that care management programs that include health coaching can reduce medical cost, hospitalizations, and many symptoms associated with poor eating and lifestyle habits.  The truth is, most people don't make changes until they are forced to make changes; whether this is due to a medical emergency or a tragic event.  But what if you had the support system in place to help you make the changes necessary?  Health Coaches understand that no body is the same, no bodies needs are the same and that every part of each client's wellness programs must be customized to the needs of each individual.  

Why work with Exhale Massage and Wellness?
Health Coaching empowers you to make long lasting behavioral changes. It helps bridge the gaps between medical recommendations and your ability to successfully implement those recommendations into your complex daily life. Health Coaches work in partnership with you to enhance personal accountability, set goals, take action and sustain health supporting behaviors. Exhale Massage and Wellness focuses heavily on behavioral modifications and goal setting.  We want to help you be successful in maintaining your changes and continue to grow personally in the future.  We are also partnered with a leader in the Nutrition industry, IDLife, out of Dallas, Texas.  Our partnership provides us with the ability to have access to DNA testing and HIPAA compliant health assessments that allows us to be more effective in helping you set and achieve your life changing goals.  

Nutrition Partner

Exhale Massage and Wellness is partnered with IDLife.  IDLife provides us with the opportunity to help you learn more about your body and its needs.  From DNA testing and HIPAA compliant Health Assessments to high quality vitamins and lifestyle supplements, you are guaranteed to learn more about how to make healthier choices, change your nutritional intake, and have the guidance in making the correct lifestyle changes that are best for your body. 

To take a FREE Health Assessment and learn more about IDLife, DNA Testing and their products, log onto 

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